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Holistic Services Agency

Registration of Practitioners

The Holistic Services Agency (HSA) is currently offering registration to qualified applicants based on their educational transcripts, certifications and work experience. The Agency is working with regulatory agencies, educational organizations, and state legislatures to establish criteria for natural health practitioners.

Advantages of HSA Registration
Practicing Under an Official Occupational Description
Advice in the Proper Practice of an Alternative Medicine Practitioner
The Ability to Purchase Professional Remedies
The Ability to List with Professional Organizations

The Agency acts as a regulating body within the natural health care profession in respect to scope of practice and proper and legal practice.

The Holistic Services Agency is duly registered under the District of Columbia’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and lists and registers practitioners.

Each practitioner seeking registration must fill out an application form, request an interview and take an exam proctored by one of the agency supervisory staff. Upon approval the practitioner is eligible for registration.

If a practitioner is certified by the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine or the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association and exam may not be necessary.

The following natural health professions can be registered with the Agency:

Classical Homeopaths Integrative/Contemporary Homeopaths Herbologist
Acupressure Practitioners Natural Health Doctors Homeopathic Doctors
Holistic Laboratory Technicians Colon Hydrotherapists Reiki Practitioners
Bio-Energetic Practitioners Chakra Balancing Practitioners Reflexologists
Aromatherapists Holistic Health Practitioners and more…

When state governments do not offer a license for a particular profession the state has placed that profession in a deregulated position. Although the majority of deregulated professions can function the practitioner has no official scope of practice to function under and may inadvertently use methods of a licensed/regulated profession thereby placing themselves in jeopardy. They may also have difficulty providing information to professional organizations that need proof of legitimate practice. Examples of such organizations are professional nutritional and homeopathic remedy companies and professional organizations that will list the practitioners practice.

Steps in Registration

Submit an application, a current scope of practice, and pay a 50% deposit of the initial fee.

Set up a dated for an interview and professional exam.

Attend interview and exam. Pay balance of initial fee.

Initial Fee: $175.00
The initial fee covers the interview, exam, and the first years registration.

Second year and subsequent years annual registration fee: $95.00

For further details call (202) 686-8202 and ask for Dr. Victoria Goldsten. She will instruct you as to what you will need to provide.


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