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Muscle Response Allergy Testing and Desentization


Linda Khanzetian

Linda Khanzetian, NHD
Doctor of Natural Health

What is Muscle Response Allergy Testing (MRAT)?

MRAT is a bio-energetic technique used to detect and neutralize food, environmental, or chemical allergies.

How Does MRAT Work?

A person is evaluated with muscle response testing (MRT) to see if her/she is sensitive to a particular substance (allergen). The allergen gives off an energetic signature that can be detected by the body.

The energetic signature is picked up by nerve receptors in the hands and arms. If the individual demonstrates positive sensitivity (weakness) he/she is a candidate for MRAT. This type of an evaluation is a bio-energetic test.


The term Energy is used in health science to describe power that affects physical change. Bio means life. Science has discovered that all matter possesses its own unique energetic characteristic or energy signature.

Over 3000 years ago Asian culture had evolved its own unique system of healing based on the energy patterns in nature. They determined that energy flows in channels or meridians in the body. They discovered that external and internal environmental forces can negatively affect the flow of this energy causing illness. They learned how to change energy patterns by inserting needles or applying pressure to these channels in order to unblock or stimulate energy flow.

Applying The Method

While a client holds a vial containing a dilute form of an allergen in one hand the practitioner tests the muscle strength on the opposite hand and arm. If the client shows muscle weakness then it represents sensitivity to the allergen in the vial. Upon determining the sensitivity the practitioner has two options for treatment naturally. The practitioner can select oral homeopathic medicines for treatment and desensitization or a bio-energetic treatment. With the bio-energetic treatment the client holds the vial containing the dilute form of the allergen while the practitioner applies pressure and tapping to peripheral nerve points. These points create a pathway whereby neurological information to the allergy is released. In addition acupressure is applied to energy points along the spine, hands, wrists, legs, and feet. The acupressure to these points facilitates the introduction of new information into the personís body through energetic channels. In this manner effects of the offending substance (allergen) no longer disrupt the bodyís immune system. Then the immune system no longer sees the substance as a threat.

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