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Natural Health Training

Combined Online/Home Study Educational Programs

Receive course materials, visual aids, and handouts via e-mail
All classes will include audio-tapes of lecture material
Lecture material will follow a course manual
Your teacher can be contacted via e-mail with questions and concerns
Some portions of the Course will be mailed to you through US Mail Service

Classes can also be taken online on demand

Certification Classes Offered:
Homeopathy Herbology Naturopathy
Acupressure Reiki Holistic Health Care
Aromatherapy Raindrop Technique Magnetic Therapy
Feng Shui Holistic Nutrition Foods for Health
Reflexology Mind Body Medicine Herbal Body Wraps
Supplements for Health Visualization Holistic Laboratory
Chinese Herbology    

Some classes require clinical experience:
Clinical rotations are offered in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. In addition, practitioners in your area can be approved as clinical supervisors. Contact our main office for details.

For Questions about course content please contact the instructor:
Dr. Jen Martinez, ND
Cell (703) 508-2986
E-mail: dr.jen.holistichealth@gmail.com

Course Descriptions

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