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Holistic Nutrition Certification Program

This course was designed as a prep course for students who choose to take a certification exam through the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association and the national exam given by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. All four levels, homework assignments, and reading must be completed prior to sitting for the exam. Upon completion of the examinations the student will be certified as a Nutritional Consultant. -- Additional certificates are offered by Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. For details speak to Dr. Victoria Goldsten, ND.


Level 1: The Human Body & Introduction to Nutrition
This class provides a comprehensive overview of the human body. Learn the bio-chemical needs of the human systems. This level gives you the foundation and principles of nutrition and how it is applied.
Contact Hours: 8
Homework: 4

Level 2: Nutrition and Supplements
This level covers the macronutrients, micronutrients, enzymes, and hormones required by the human body as well as the role of nutritional supplements needed for optimum health. It covers the dietary guidelines and supplementation recommendations for various health needs.
Contact Hours: 8
Homework: 4

Level 3: Nutrition, Health and Healing
This class integrates the information from the first two levels and presents the application of holistic nutrition for supporting health and healing. Students learn how to plan diet and supplement programs based on case studies. The class also covers different types of diets and approaches based on holistic nutritional principles.
Contact Hours: 8
Homework: 4

Level 4: Diet & Nutrition – Clinical Case Studies
This level prepares students to work with clients. There are preparation made by each student; designing of an intake form, interview questions, and nutrition plans. The students, along with the instructor meet clients and develop a plan based on the interview. The student will conduct a follow up with the client to present their plan with the instructor.
Contact Hours: 4
Homework: 4

**This Holistic Nutrition program is required for the Holistic Laboratory program which leads to a federal laboratory certification.

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