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Certification Requirements

Levels Required
Practice Sessions Required
4 levels
5 sessions
5 levels
5 sessions
2 levels
2 practices sessions
Body Wrap
1 level
1 session
Feng Shui
2 levels
1 case
4 levels
1 written case study
Herbology, Master
8 levels
5 cases*
7 levels
10 clinical cases*
Holistic Health Care
10 levels
10 clinical cases*
Holistic Lab**
5 levels
Practice sessions included
Holistic Nutrition
6 levels
5 clinical cases*
Magnetic Therapy
2 levels
5 clinical cases
Naturopathy Clinical
10 certifications
Practice sessions included
9 certifications
Practice sessions included
4 level
Level 4 is clinical
Reflexology, National
6 levels
Clinical Included in program
3 levels
5 clients
Touch Therapy/Reiki
1 level
1 client in class

* Direct contact with instructor
** Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Health Certifications required.

Certification is available through the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association, Holistic Services Agency and the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.

Depending upon the location attended, there are certain requirements in each State or jurisdiction for certification. Click on the classes button for furter detais.

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